Our Stylists

We have four categories of hair stylists that are highlighted below. Because of our in-depth and ongoing education program, you are always assured that whatever stylist you book with, you will have a consistent and fabulous experience.


Stylists at Davis Hairdressing have two to six years working experience at our salon. Stylists are the newest members of our hair care team. All stylists are graduates of our Advanced Education Curriculum (AEC) and are mentored by our more senior stylists.

Marissa, Priscilla, Kayce, Victoria, Alize

Senior Stylists

Our Senior Stylists have six or more years of hair care experience at Davis Hairdressing. They travel outside the salon regularly for further education on current hair trends and techniques. Our Senior Stylists are certified by Goldwell, TIGI, and other advanced industry leaders.

Erica, Jenny, Rosie, Karen

Master Stylists

A Master Stylist has over ten years experience working at Davis Hairdressing and are some of the regions’ most celebrated hair stylists. Many are award winning stylists, having participated in hair shows and hair competitions nation wide. Our Master Stylists travel outside the salon regularly for further education on current trends and techniques, and are educators themselves, mentoring rising stylists and teaching classes at beauty schools.

Corina, Brenda, Alison

Art Director

An Art Director at Davis Hairdressing has over 15 years experience. Our Art Directors are the very best in the hair business, creating stunning makeovers and leading the industry with cutting edge hair technology and fashion trends. They remain committed to teaching others while continuing to hone their craft working and learning with the world’s best hair experts. Their portfolios boast celebrity stylings, international competitions and awards, and unbelievable hair transformations.

Kristine, Jill

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