Owner/ Stylist
Owner of Davis Hairdressing, Ken Davis! Ken has been in the industry for an undisclosed amount of years and his favorite thing to do as a stylist is give haircuts. He loves the Goldwell brand because they have an outstanding color line. Ken’s favorite thing about working at the salon is seeing his wife, Mary Davis, everyday! When Ken isn’t in the salon, he enjoys visiting Cape Cod.


Art Director
Kristine has been at Davis Hairdressing since 1994. She loves doing highlights and dimensional color and loves using Goldwell's Just Smooth 6 effects serum for smoothing and shine. On her days off, she enjoys running, cooking, training her puppies and spending time with family and friends.


Master Stylist
Corina has been a stylist at Davis for over 22 years! She's a color expert and loves Goldwell's Flat Marvel because it works wonders. She LOVES her clients at Davis Hairdressing almost as much as she loves Spanish food.


Senior Stylist
Erica has been a stylist at Davis for 20 years! Her favorite services to perform are haircuts and major transformations. Her favorite product is the Kevin Murphy Freehold because it gives moveable texture. A few of Erica’s favorite things about working at Davis include the Front Desk ladies, the consistency, and education. When she’s not at work, Erica enjoys hiking and reading.


Co-Owner, Manager
Mary's favorite part about running Davis Hairdressing is matching clients to the best stylist for them and building relationships with the wonderful clients! Her favorite product to use on herself is the Goldwell Color Shampoo & Conditioner. On her off days, she loves going to the Cape and ejoying a glass of Pinot Grigio in the summer.


Master Stylist
Jenny has been with Davis for over 9 years. Her favorite service to perform as a stylist is anything with color. One of her favorite brands is Goldwell because they have absolutely everything. Jenny’s favorite thing about working for Davis is her clientele. When she’s not busy working, she loves to just relax. Her favorite food is Mexican.

Jazmine & Fran

Front Desk
Need a last minute appointment? Have a question about what to book, or looking for a new shampoo? Jazmine and Fran are here to ensure your experience at Davis is the best possible!


Senior Stylist
Priscilla has been with Davis Hairdressing for 9 years and is known for her foils & balayage. The Maria Nila Coils and Curls Cream is one of her favorite products because she loves how hydrated and defined the curls look. When she’s not at work, she enjoys going out to eat and having friends over. Her favorite food is Brazilian steak.


Victoria has been a stylist at Davis for 3 years nows. Some of her favorite services are vivids & balayage. Her favorite product line is Maria Nila because it’s all vegan/cruelty free! When she’s not at work, she loves going to concerts as well as line dancing. Her favorite thing to eat is Tikki Masala and her favorite thing to drink is a chai tea latte.


Martha is new to the Davis team, and cannot get over how kind all of the clients are (aw!). She loves the Kerasilk line of products and setting her clients up with an at-home haircare routine. When not at the salon, Martha enjoys going to the gym and going out dancing!


Madi has been a part of the Davis team for the past 3 years. The Maria Nilla styling cream is one of her favorite products because its a great finishing cream to smooth and shine. When she’s not working, Madi loves to try out new restaurants or enjoy some spinach & artichoke dip with a fruity iced tea.


Faruc never loses motivation and enthusiasm to create and make his clients feel good with his talent. Faruc has been a stylist for many years and has stood out for his talent and dedication, inspiration for modifying the hair according to the facial features of his clients. He has the ability to treat all types of hair he studies in Colombia and has continued training in the United States since he arrived in 2000. His career as a 34-year-old stylist does not stop and he continues to learn because it is his passion.


Associate Stylist
Jenesis is a new stylist at Davis Hairdressing and is known for her amazing blow outs! She LOVES the scent of the Kevin Murphy products, and is passionate about continuing her education at the salon. Her favorite drink? Cherry coke!
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