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Davis Hairdressing & Seanie Strong

One of the best things about the salon community is the intimate relationships we build with our clients. We are caring, compassionate, driven people, and once you enter our lives, we want to do whatever we can to help make your day (week… month… year!) better. One of our stylists at our South Boston location, […]

The $400 Blow Dryer

Dyson. Synonymous with smooth. It even rolls off your tongue in a smooth way. Dyson products are the Louis Vuitton of household products.  When you think of Louis Vuitton you think of QUALITY: clean lines, sleek designs, superior material and – yes, a hefty price tag.  Dyson products are known for esthetically pleasing designs that […]

Getting The Most Out Of Your Hairdresser

Everyone knows that second to your spouse/partner, your next most intimate relationship is with your hairdresser! They are your therapist, your secret-keeper, your escape from the day-to-day hustle, and the one that makes you feel like your most beautiful self. But have you tapped into your hairdressers’ secret talents? These artists are not just slapping […]

A Culture of Education

Mary & I shared a common vision when opening Davis Hairdressing 27 years ago – we wanted to be customer-focused. That may not seem like such a “radical” idea in the service industry, but at the time, the salon community was very salon-focused, in the way that the ego of owners (and stylists) was prioritized […]