The Hot Hair Trends of Fall 2013- What’s Old is New Again. By Sally Steeves

A couple of things come to mind when I think of the 90’s. Music of course is number one; Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP, Alice In Chains… you get the picture. (I know, I know I could write about more poignant subjects like the Cold War ending, Mad Cow disease & scientists cloning sheep, but we are, after all, a hair salon). Fashion would naturally come in second. Flannel, baby doll dresses, Doc Martin boots, big baggy jeans, biker jackets and lets not forget the popular, albeit uncomfortable, body suit tops! And WHAT would a blog about the 90’s be without mentioning The Rachel! Jennifer Anistons haircut that swept the nation & bored hairstylists through the mid 90’s. Everyone had it, errr…right? I did for a brief moment in 1994.Ahh, memories. Why am I talking about the 90’s? Well, get ready! They’re back!Trends this fall are all about them, including overalls and over sized sweaters. Let’s hope the body suit doesn’t make a return, ouch! Will there be a fresh spin on The Rachel? What direction will hair go? Grunge is back people!  I think I’m ok with it; I was getting tired of washing my hair anyway 😉

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