• Inspiration

    I am inspired by history and past trends. I love to recreate older, unique trends, personalities and cultures.

  • What Makes Me Tick

    One’s strength to be “their own”. I admire people that embrace their individuality. In a world full of Kardashian’s, be an Audrey Hepburn!

  • If I Was Not A HairStylist

    I would be an FBI agent!

  • My Passion

    I am passionate about vintage style; clothing, hairstyles, make up and pretty little accessories. I love wearing second hand clothing and embracing my feminine side.

  • Personality

    I feel I am an old soul. I am also outgoing, strong and confident.

  • Hair Philosophy

    There are no rules to hair. I love variety; lets get you away from having a “cookie cutter” look!

  • Favorite Hairstyle

    A good, glamorous “old Hollywood” style set!