Top 10 Styling Tips

1 Use spray & scrunch in with hands for a fun and flirty , carefree look. Great when you don’t have time to blow-dry for a quick tousled, sexy finish.

2When blow-drying your hair, pre-dry it with hands & dryer 80% then make small sections. Use a round brush on the sections with hair dryer for full, smooth fabulous hair! Make sure your hair dryer is 1875 watts or higher!

3Exfoliate your hair like we do our skin! Use Kevin Murphy Maxi wash once a week to remove product build up & reveal shinier, healthier looking hair!

4For a twist on natural waves/curls use a curling iron. After washing, put in products and let dry naturally. The next day when your curls have lost their oomph, use a 1 or 1.5 inch curling iron to add a few curls back to your hair. Just adding a few to the back and 2 or 3 on the sides refreshes your look!

5If your hair is oily or you want more volume avoid putting conditioner on your scalp.
6To achieve flippy, swingy hair use a round brush on your ends. Rotate the brush at the ends while blow drying each section, do not hold the brush in place. The movement of the brush enhances the flip!

7For maximum volume at the hairline and through the top of the head, blow dry hair forward. Separate hair as if you are making a mohawk, then divide that into 3 or 4 sections. With a round brush, blow-dry each section forward. When finished, flip hair back & style as usual.

8To reduce frizz for curly hair, use less shampoo and cleanse just the roots. Towel dry by patting it rather then a scrubbing motion.

9Love the look of models who have smooth bouncy blow outs? Blow dry hair as usual with Easy Tiger by Evo to decrease frizz & create smoothness. Next put hair in a Mr. Fantastic hair elastic in a low pony tail, spray in Mr. Fantastic on the ends. Using a curling iron or flat iron, curl the ends. Let hair cool. Take out the pony, loosen & flip. For more body tease. For a sleek look, brush with a boar bristle brush.

10Hate washing & styling your hair everyday? Use a dry shampoo! They reduce oil, add volume & refresh hair! Shampoo hair day 1, then use dry shampoo day 2 and/or day 3! We love Fresh Hair from Kevin Murphy!



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