Getting The Most Out Of Your Hairdresser

Everyone knows that second to your spouse/partner, your next most intimate relationship is with your hairdresser! They are your therapist, your secret-keeper, your escape from the day-to-day hustle, and the one that makes you feel like your most beautiful self.

But have you tapped into your hairdressers’ secret talents? These artists are not just slapping paint on your hair. In fact, they are calculating formulas and mixing colors that are customized for each individual client – the same formula would not bring the same results to different heads of hair! Knowing your hair history, the products you use, your hair goals and color preferences all are things your stylist considers when developing the exact right formula for your hair, or the right tools to use to cut it. Behind the scenes, hairdressers are continuously educating themselves to make sure they bring their clients the best techniques and methods.

To make sure you are getting the most out of your stylists’ talents, follow these three tips

  1. Have an open conversation about expectations.


Hair is not “one size fits all” – just because your friend went from brunette to platinum in one day doesn’t mean your hair can. Most often, it takes multiple appointments to make such a drastic change. Your stylist will tell you what is possible in one appointment to maintain the integrity of your hair.

  1. Let your hairdresser “blend the trend”.

A messy, textured lob can look great on anyone, as long as that “lob” is the right length, with the right shape. Your stylist can look at the shape of your face and the texture of your hair and find a way to make a trend work for you – sometimes wanting to look exactly like a photo can be self-sabotage! While bringing in photos is great, they should serve as inspiration for your stylist to work from.

  1. Be open to the journey.

With the right hairdresser and the right products (…and time, and money!) you can achieve the hair of your dreams. Be open to the journey along the way – whether you are making a big color transition, growing out bangs, going from long to short, or trying to achieve a new texture, your hair stylist is your guide to making the in-between looks work for you.


(Special thanks to Laura in #Newton for the inspiration behind this post. Laura is an Art Director at Davis Hairdressing with a flawless eye for color. She works with all of her clients to find that achievable perfect hair look.)

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