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One of the best things about the salon community is the intimate relationships we build with our clients. We are caring, compassionate, driven people, and once you enter our lives, we want to do whatever we can to help make your day (week… month… year!) better.

One of our stylists at our South Boston location, Rosie, approached us with her client’s heart in her hands. Rosie had nannied part time for a family, who’s son, Sean, was battling neuroblastoma. She was very involved in their fundraising efforts with The Jimmy Fund, and wanted to see how the salon could support them further. We’ve been brainstorming different (fun) ways that we could contribute as a salon community.

Sweet, silly, bright Seanie passed away at the age of three. In Rosie’s words,

“The little boy I had known with the light light brown hair that was so pretty in the sun, was suffering just wanting to be cuddled in his moms lap. The only thing that brought some of us comfort was that he was now somewhere not in pain. But as you can imagine that gives very little comfort when you think of his giggle when he was running around in the back yard feeling great. Something that continues to bring everyone who knew him comfort is when September comes around and it’s time for the Jimmy fund walk in Boston. The last few years our Seanie strong team has grown and grown. Being with people who loved him or know someone who knew him walking for children’s cancer.”
Davis Hairdressing will join Rosie & Sean’s family this year at the Boston Marathon Walk for The Jimmy Fund. We are doing what we are best at – rallying together during hard times to try and make a difference.
We hope you will consider joining us for STYLED for Seanie Strong on September 8th, or consider making a donation to the Seanie Strong page here.
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