A Culture of Education

Mary & I shared a common vision when opening Davis Hairdressing 27 years ago – we wanted to be customer-focused. That may not seem like such a “radical” idea in the service industry, but at the time, the salon community was very salon-focused, in the way that the ego of owners (and stylists) was prioritized over the needs of the client.

We knew that to build a concept that was focused around the customer, we needed a place where hard-working, creative, talented, insatiable people wanted to learn and grow their career in a drama-free environment. We hoped to create guidelines & goals where teamwork, education, and a customer focus combined with a real plan to grow careers.

The beauty industry may look glamourous on the outside, but that isn’t always the case behind the scenes. Most of us in this industry suffer from difficult backgrounds, and I wanted to make sure our salon was simultaneously a place that provided focus, nurtured careers and delivered tools for success, as well as a place where people knew that there was understanding and that we would never give up on them.

Clients can sense the difference when they come to our salon – if they need a last minute appointment before they leave for vacation and their regular stylist is unavailable, another stylist is happy to give them an appointment and look up exactly how their regular stylist does their hair. We are endlessly accommodating because we have a group of people dedicated to make it happen. Client-sharing is a real thing that happens when your team has each other’s backs.

At the end of the day, our culture of education is what our stylists appreciate most – and having well educated stylists is what our clients appreciate most.

And what I appreciate most? Mary.

But we’ll save that story for a different blog.

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