The Truth About Buying Salon Products in Drug Stores

Anything we can do these days to make life more convenient seems to be a no-brainer. But too often we are at risk of sacrificing quality for a quick fix. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your favorite brand of shampoo sold at drug stores is the same that’s sold in salons!

Here’s the real deal.

Picture this, you’re running errands and end up walking through the hair aisle of the drugstore. You see your favorite professional product on the shelf  – you’ve got a coupon, everything about it looks like the legitimate real deal, and the price looks incredible.

So, you buy it. Right?

Beware: this is the deep, dark hole of the black market hair industry.  Drugstores and big box retailers are NOT authorized to sell professional salon products. They are called “salon professional products” because they are exactly that; in order to sell these products one needs a professional license.

When you go to the salon for your color and cut, you sit in the chair of a licensed professional. This person spent hours in school and months studying for their license exam. (On top of that, in the case of Davis Hairdressing, we spend MORE months and MORE hours studying up with modern education and the latest trends, learning about products and styling tools directly from the brands and creators themselves!) Our well educated hands leave you feeling like a super star. We know exactly what each product does, why it works, and how it can best work for you to get the look you want. We know your hair type, and we’ll teach you exactly how to use products to create the hair of your dreams at home.

If you’re purchasing your products at the supermarket or drugstore and wonder why your hair doesn’t look like it did after you left the salon, or why your color has faded so quickly, it’s because there is nothing true and benefiting in those bottles. They may look the same, but there is no regulations on what is actually in that can of hairspray.

So, how did they get there? And what’s ACTUALLY in there?

Unfortunately, some salons that are going out of business need to get rid of all their old expired products to help make the last dollar in order to break even. Because this has not been authorized by the brands, these products are all altered in some way in order to be sold. (What we mean by altered is, they’re knock off versions of the true product, have long since expired, or they are full of fillers.)

Trust your stylist – we, the professionals need these professional in-salon products to help create this look… don’t you think it makes sense to get them directly from us instead of trusting your beautiful hair to a knock off?


By Whitney