Men’s Haircuts; We Like The Direction They Are Going

Men have always had their haircut (or HAIRS cut like my Dad would say, jokingly. Yours too?), but a majority haven’t cared too much about it. Running to the barber every couple of weeks for a “high & tight” or a chain salon for a quickie, neither of which ever came out too great. In the past decade the salon industry has seen a big resurgence of 40’s, 50’s & 60’s men’s styles with classic barbering techniques, bringing men’s haircut styles to the forefront of fashion. Barber shops upped their game, men’s grooming salons hit the market and hair salons with a large, female based clientele have had to learn a few new skills. Move over ladies, there’s something meatier 😉 This years popular cuts: Classic fades & undercuts have been around for decades and continue to resurface here and there, but there has been an influx of young to older gents heading to high end salons for the latest trends.
The undercut has probably been the biggest movement for men’s cuts. Flocking the runways, red carpet & even the field! I personally think it was Julian Edelman who shot that cut to the masses! I mean, c’mon, he looks damn good with it!
Do these styles require a little at home maintenance? Yes, of course, but men’s hair products are just as easy to get a hold of as women’s. Here at Davis, our top stylists recommend using hair pomades & creams to keep your cut looking like it does when you walk out of the salon. With 7 pomades by Kevin Murphy & many options by KMS, we will hook you up! So, for those of you who have been looking for a new look & the man bun isn’t an option, we implore you to check these cuts out!