Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair…I mean clip-in hair extensions! By Jennifer Lopez

Do any of you know the story of Samson?

Well I am sure that if you don’t you probably have at least heard of the name. Let me sum it up and we will go from there. Im not pushing bibles, I’m pushing hair! And we all love some hair!

The story goes as follows;

Samson was a judge that wasn’t all too thrilled with the Philistines and was coming down on them pretty hard. So what do you have to do to take down someone? That’s right, figure out their weakness. Well, it had been rumored that Samson had taken a liking to a woman of the Valley of Sorek (Delilah) and soon after the Philistine leaders went out and offered her money to find out what her suitor’s weakness was.

Well, after Delilah’s persistence Samson finally gave in. He had told his lady love that all of his strength and power was in the locks of his hair and that if it was to be cut it would take away all of the things that made him great. There in the middle of the night as he laid to rest in her lap she cut his hair off making Samson weak and able to be captured by the Philistines.

Here is the hairdressing part ( I know, you’re asking yourself “Where’s she going with this”?!)

Its now spring and summer is following pretty fast. We all know what that means; Yup, weddings, proms, semi formals, bridal showers and galas. The weather is nice and a bit more reliable, wait did I just say that? We live in New England! Maybe that’s not so accurate but you all understand… Anyway, what I am saying is this, as you spend your time at these special events in your life you might want to try something a bit different with your hair without the commitment. Clip in extensions are the way to go. They come in so many lengths and colors not to mention hair textures and the big plus is that they are real human hair which means you can manipulate them how you would your own. Wash, color, blow dry, curl and you can even perm them! Go crazy! Just make sure it blends with your hair.

For those of you who are reading this and thinking that you will look like you are working the main stage at the Glass Slipper, trust me, you wont. Start with them in a cool, wavy ponytail on a night out with girlfriends then ease your way into an event night just so you can get use to the feel of them.


You can get a pack for about $100.00 and you will get enough to lengthen your hair. If you are having difficulties don’t be shy! Bring ’em in! We can give you tips and hints. And don’t forget we now have the wide wide world of the internet! You will be able to figure it out in a jiffy! And always remember whether or not you have long, short, thin, or thick hair, just rock it and have confidence! There is nothing sexier than you radiating positive thoughts and a huge smile on a hot summer night!


Beam Me Up, Knotty! How to make the perfect hair knot! By Jennifer Lopez

Do you feel it in the air? Spring! No, don’t feel it? Yeah, neither do I, however as we all look around we can feel it coming. Fashion magazines are presenting us with new spring lines and even the spring/summer fashion was on display this weekend at the mall. We all want the warm weather to come. And the retailers do too (note all the sad heavy coats and sweaters on sale, pressed far back in the store with bright read tags stating they are an a additional 75% off). As New Englanders we get pumped for the heat. We look forward to strappy sandals, breezy sundresses and a relaxed life style. I know… I got you all wanting a Strawberry Margarita, didn’t I? But as we all know what comes with the heat is the frizz and pain in the you know what effort that it takes for us to look and feel great. So why am I stressing you all out in January, you ask? What? I didn’t mention swimsuits! Whoops. No, Im getting you all prepped with a basic and hot trend for this upcoming season. The Knot! No, really this will save your life. And no, Im not taking about those crazy tight, suffocating ballet buns everyone was wearing. Think lighter, messier and softer. And I do not care what age you are, we all need some softness in our lives. Leave your fierce, tight bun for nights when you are hitting the dance floor. All you need to do is get two hair elastics and if you are feeling like you need the control, get a brush. Start with your basic ponytail, go as high or as low as you want. Next twist the tail part and twirl it into a knot, you want it to resemble a Challah bread bun (if you don’t know what that is, please buy one and enjoy it with a cup of coffee, it will make your life). Take the next elastic and tie it onto the base of the knot, trying to keep the knot intact. Then pull the bun with two hands, going away from each other but not pulling it so much that the bun comes totally undone. Follow up with bobby pins to secure and loose hairs that you don’t think look right. Spray! Or don’t! Remember three words: BREEZY, SOFT, MESSY. Now go give it a try and remember the spring will come, it always does!