Autumn is a great time for change! By Sally Steeves

There is something about Autumn that I think most of us New Englanders love.

Don’t get me wrong, we love our summer but Autumn brings change.

Perhaps from the impending school year beginning in September bringing us

a fresh start. For the fortunate ones, it also brought clothes shopping, new

haircuts & maybe even a new you. Those 18 or so years formed our internal clock for

new beginnings for life it seems. Many fear change; not knowing an outcome can be scary!!

For me, its always been a secret time of new resolutions with much less pressure than January 1st

(and much less of a hang over!) It can also be exciting. Change doesn’t have to be huge

shifts in your life either, even small adjustments can provoke new ideas, new

experiences and possibly greater happiness. I encourage you all to make a change

this fall, something you’ve been thinking about…something you’ve never thought

about! At the very least, how about trying a new hair color 😉 Be brave, embrace the

path you’re on & make room for change.